The psychological counseling for students regularly offers workshops on current topics. The workshops are open to all students of the university, of the PH and also of the FH Freiburg.


Our courses

  • Fall semester 2020: No more postponing! Getting procrastination under control.

    Chronic postponement or procrastination is a phenomenon many students are familiar with. Seminar papers are being postponed and deadlines adjusted, exam preparation is only in planning stage and implemented at the last minute under a great deal of stress and suffering. The environment often has little sympathy, students are called "lazy", they feel ashamed and suffer from guilt and bad conscience. Procrastination often conceals very high performance and perfection demands that are placed on oneself. The longer it takes, the more difficult it becomes to tackle a job - but procrastination has nothing to do with laziness.


    In the workshop "Stop postponing" you will learn concrete strategies with the help of which you will learn to do what you have set out to do: You will be able to progress in your studies and enjoy your free time at the same time.



    The workshop will take place on 3 days from 17.15 until 19.00. 



    University of Fribourg, Pérolles. The course room will be announced after registration.



    CHF 75. In case of financial difficulties, the social services of the University of Fribourg can take over the course charges by arrangement. In this case, please contact our office for further information.


    Registration by mail at

  • Fall semester 2020: Stress management program for students (GeDStress)

    Do you sometimes feel stressed before an exam? During exams? During the semester?

    The GeDStress program is a stress management program for students. It was developed at the University of Freiburg and has proven to be effective. The program's goal is to acquire or strengthen strategies for dealing with stressful events in everyday life and to promote well-being.

    The program consists of 8 weekly two-hour sessions that integrate cognitive and physical stress management strategies, assertiveness and interpersonal conflict resolution activities, as well as strategies for managing emotions.

    What will we do during the sessions?

    We will work on:

    • various strategies for dealing with stress situations: e.g. breathing and relaxation exercises
    • time management techniques
    • abilities of emotional regulation
    • problem solving and enforcement methods

    Course of the program?

    • during the fall semester, a maximum of 2 permanent groups are formed - depending on the number of registrations
    • for each group 8 sessions of 2 hours each are planned
    • maximum number of participants per group: 10

    What should I bring?

    My interest in the topic, my participation in all meetings and my desire to participate and share experiences.


    The workshop will take place on Tuesdays (group 1) and Thursdays (group 2) from 18:00 to 20:00. The exact dates will be communicated later on.

    Course location

    University of Freiburg. The course room will be announced after registration.


    200 CHF (In case of financial difficulties the UniSocial Service can take over the registration fee - the takeover is tied to the participation in all meetings.)

    Course language

    For the time being, the course will only be held in French.


    By mail to  Romina Recabarren or by phone: 026 300 74 77 (Tuesdays and Thursdays)