We all postpone tasks we do not enjoy and consider less pressing. Being allowed to handle university studies mostly self-reliant, organizing your learning tasks at the university can prove to be challenging or even problematic for students. Do you make plans to start learning or writing a paper every single day only to postpone it to the following day again? Are you tormented by remorse or do you simply not know how to tackle your work or how and where to start? At some point, the only thing you can perceive will be this great, indomitable mountain of work and fast approaching deadlines ...

What can I do ?

There is a way to escape your vicious circle. Assisted by a therapist, you can learn how to structure your day, how to organize yourself and how to learn better. Starting step by step, gradually increasing the intensity of your learning sessions, you will finally be able to achieve your goals.

The psychological counseling for students offers workshops dealing with this topic on a regular basis. For more information please click here. 

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"Hören Sie auf zu planen!" Interview avec notre psychologue Rita Raemy (Tagesanzeiger, 08.11.2018)

"Kurse zu Prokrastination sind unser Dauerbrenner" Interview de notre psychologue Rita Raemy 

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