Do you feel sad and depressed, do you have difficulties getting out of bed in the morning and are you brooding over sense or senselessness of the human experience? Do you feel weary and spiritless? Whether you suffer a short-term depression or even suicidal depression, it is utterly important to seek help. Talking to a psychologist can help you get back your zest for life.

What can I do?

Psychotherapy, with or without medication, can help you figure out your depression, will eventually make you feel better and, in the long run, will help you overcome the disease. With depression, it is very helpful and important to maintain and nurture social contacts, to structure your daily routine, to exercise regularly and to pursue achievable, realistic and positive goals in your daily life. In case you need immediate help or feel hopeless and despaired do not hesitate to call the Presented Hand (phone 143) or in case of emergency do call an ambulance (tel. 144).

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