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Spin-orbit torque in epitaxial Pt thin films

Spezialisiert / Akademisch Seminar
08.02.2023 14:00

Over the past decade of spintronics research, the use of spin-orbit torque (SOT), originating from spin-orbit coupling, has emerged as an ultrafast and energy efficient method for electrically switching magnetizations. In this talk, we will discuss the microscopic origins of SOT, the current advantages and challenges of SOT, and how the use of epitaxial systems can influence the SOT in spintronic devices, by showcasing certain epitaxial Pt-based heterostructures. By using a Pt(110)-oriented system, we demonstrate that anisotropic SOT can be generated and enhanced from interfacial contributions. We also show that in a Pt(111)-oriented system, we are able to achieve field-free switching, addressing one of the major issues in perpendicularly magnetized spintronic devices. Finally, we will provide an outlook for the future of SOT, and compare its use in other materials systems.

Wann? 08.02.2023 14:00
Wo? PER 08 1.58
Chemin du Musée 3
1700 Fribourg
Vortragende Ryan Thompson
Material Science & Engineering Dept., Tohoku University, Japan
Kontakt Département de physique, groupe Bernhard
Prof. Christian Bernhard
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