TALK AND WORKSHOPPublikationsdatum 10.11.2022

Attention and Action in Aesthetic Experiences. Talk and Workshop with Bence Nanay

Attention and Action in Aesthetic Experiences. Talk and Workshop with Bence Nanay 

Bence Nanay is Professor of Philosophy, co-director of the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp and Senior Research Associate at Peterhouse, Cambridge University. 

Nov 30th, 6pm, MIS 03 3014

“Aesthetic Experience as Interaction”, Talk by Bence Nanay

“I argue that what is distinctive about aesthetic experiences has to do with what we do – not with our perception or evaluation, but with our action. This view goes against the mainstream inasmuch as aesthetic engagement is widely held to be special precisely because it is detached from the sphere of the practical. I argue that taking the active nature of aesthetic experiences seriously can help us to understand some of the most important features of aesthetic experiences and the role they play in our life: their crucial role in the ways in which the aesthetic domain looms large in our self-image, and in the social dimension of aesthetic engagement.” 

Dec 1st, 9am-12am, MIS 04 4112 (Salle Jäggi)

Workshop with Bence Nanay

& comments by

Emmanuel Alloa (Fribourg): “From the Unusual to the Unusable: The Art of Aesthetic Attention” 

Susanne Schmetkamp (Fribourg):  “Immersion or External Focus? On Modes of Attention in Musical Improvisation” 

Judith Siegmund (ZHdK Zürich): “Experience and Action”

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