WorkshopPublikationsdatum 05.03.2018

The Self and Subjectivity

13-16 March 2018, Ovronnaz, Switzerland

At this workshop, we will be interested in the concept of the Self as understood in different philosophical traditions: Buddhist philosophy, phenomenology, and contemporary metaphysics. We will try together to answer the following questions: what is the no-Self view? Do we need a Self to explain subjectivity and self-awareness? Does a thought necessarily have to be the thought of someone? And what do we mean when we say that the "I" is nothing else than a convention, a fiction, or even a narrative production? Can these questions – and their answers – have an ethical impact, or can change the way we live our lives?
This workshop is organized as a discussion of pre-read papers that speakers shall make available one month before the conference, in such a way that commentators will be able to prepare comments in advance.