WorkshopPublikationsdatum 11.01.2018

The Aesthetic Mind: First Conference, Imagination and Fiction


Monday 12th February, 2018

9:30am-11:00am: Gregory Currie (University of York), Learning from imagination, from fiction and from science

11:15am-12:45pm: Paloma Atencia-Linares (National Autonomous University of Mexico),Suspension of disbelief, attention and imagination

2:15pm-3:45pm: Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona): Assertions in fictions

4:00pm-5:30pm: Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna College): Fiction and imagining across different experiential perspectives

Tuesday 13th February, 2018

9:30am-11:00am: Kendall Walton (University of Michigan), How to think about fiction, and how not to

11:15am-12:45pm: Laszlo Kajtar (Central European University), Narrative and imagination: fiction and nonfiction

2:15pm-3:45pm: Anna Ichino (Bar Ilan University): Wise pens, evil cardigans, powerful reptiles and other strange things 

Organized by: Julia Langkau, Patrik Engisch, Tom Kindt

The Aesthetic Mind (Fribourg/Goettingen Research Group):

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