Profile of the chair

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The profile of our chair can be described as follows:

  • focused

    The focus of the chair lays on complex decision problems. The development of the prospective strategy of a company outlines an important example. From the point of view of the chair holder, it is even the most complex decision problem of all. Complex decision problems and therefore also strategy planning problems are poorly structured. Thus, it is recommended to apply heuristic problem solving processes to cope with them.

  • practice-oriented

    The chair is oriented towards practical normative management science. The chair aspires to be practice-oriented in all publications, in teaching, in further education as well as in the supervised bachelor- and master thesis. This requires intensive contact with the practice. Being practice-oriented does not mean to simplify the real problems. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Problem solving processes can only support managers of companies, NPOs and administration units if they are inspired by real case problems.

  • customer-oriented

    The bachelor and master students of the University of Fribourg, the readers of the textbooks and the participants of further education courses are considered as customers. Their needs and expectations are analyzed in order to provide an offer that creates added value.

  • trilingual

    Publications, teaching, further education and services are provided in German, French and English.