Publikationsdatum 06.02.2018

International Mediation - UNIFR in Paris

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organizes the International Commercial Mediation Competition. It is a world-wide known moot that lasts six day.The University of Fribourg  is one out of the 66 participating universities. This year the competition is taking place in Paris, France from 2nd to the 7th February 2018.

The team of UNIFR is composed of four Law-Students. The participants are: Damiano Pasquali (attending IUR 3) Johann-Jakob Chervet (attending IUR 3), Melissa Auderset (attending IUR 3), Quentin Bärtschi (attending MLaw). During the autumn semester, the students have been guided and instructed by the coaches (ex UNIFR students and ex participants to the competition) by Jonas Vetter and Jonas Diezig.

In each case, there is an international business dispute, which has to be settled by the two involved parties. In the party, there is usually a manager and his legal counsel. The discussion is helped by the figure of the Mediator, who helps the parties to build a constructive and solution-oriented mediation.
In Paris, the students will take part to the qualification that will last three days. To prepare the cases they had about two months. If qualified, they will take part to further mediations which preparation time is about 12 hours, though.

By the UNIFR, the International Commercial Mediation Competition is hosted by the Prof. Alexandra Jugo (Lehrstuhl fü Zivilrecht I) and gives the opportunity to get 6 ECTS as special credits (MLaw).

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