Institute for Dominican Studies

The Institute promotes the renewal of Thomistic theology and philosophy, by means of interdisciplinary research, conferences, artistic projects and publications, in dialogue with contemporary culture and from an interdisciplinary perspective. 


Colloquia and study days

The IED organises exchanges and collaborations with other institutions, especially dominican ones, working in the same fields (visiting professors, researchers and dominican students), organises conferences and scientific events at the University of Fribourg and elsewhere.

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Archives Pinckaers

The Pinckaers Archives were created by the Albertinum, the International Dominican Convent in Fribourg to promote and to diffuse the thought and the work of Servais Pinckaers o.p., professor of fundamental moral theology at the University of Fribourg from 1975  to 2000, as well as to help researchers who want to study his work.

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