Published on 28.01.2021

The English Dept welcomes a new temporary member of staff for the Spring semester

We are happy to welcome a new temporary member of staff this semester, Gemma Kate Allred, who will be giving a BA seminar on Shakespeare in Performance. This seminar course considers Shakespeare in Performance focusing on some of the most performed plays in the Canon: Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet.  Students will undertake close analysis of performance on stage, screen and also digital theatre created during the Covid-19 theatre closure.

Gemma Kate Allred holds degrees from Sheffield University, London Business School, the Open University and is currently a Doctoral Researcher with the University of Neuchatel. Her doctoral work examines how Shakespeare in performance is sold and marketed. She is currently co-editing Lockdown Shakespeare: New Evolutions in Performance and Adaptation, eds. Gemma Kate Allred, Benjamin Broadribb and Dr. Erin Sullivan (to be published by Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare in late 2021).