Information for Researchers

If you are a researcher at the University of Fribourg who is interested in running experiments at FriLab, please contact us at! If you are a researcher at another university, you may contact us to discuss possible collaborations. Please note that FriLab is a no-deception lab! If you plan to conduct any experiment that involves deception of participants, you will not be able to use our facilities.


The lab is equipped with 20 computers with movable walls between them. If you decide to run an experiment at FriLab, you will be able to recruit subjects from our subject pool and use all lab equipment. However, we do not provide any additional services such as assistance during the experimental sessions in the lab.


Participants are students from the University of Fribourg and the hautes écoles of Fribourg that are continuously recruited at the beginning of each semester, starting in spring 2020. As Fribourg is a bilingual town at the language boarder between the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland, most students are either French or German native speakers or bilingual. Most students also speak English sufficiently well to be able to participate in experiments conducted in English.