Information for Participants


 Information concerning COVID-19: 
FriLab strictly adheres to the current regulations of the University of Fribourg and the canton of
Experiments in the computer lab will take place with protective measures following the guidelines of the university and the canton and some experiments might take place entirely online. Please note that once you register, you can choose which experiments you would like to participant in, or you can decide to only start participating at a later point in time.


Are you interested in earning some money and contributing to innovative social science research? Register to become a participant in experiments conducted at FriLab at the Boulevard de Pérolles 90!


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How does it work?

On this website, you can register to become a member of our participant pool. Registered students will receive invitations for experiments via e-mail with a link to register for a session that fits your schedule. The date, time, duration and location as well as the language in which the experiment takes place will be described in the invitation e-mail. Experimental sessions usually last about 1-2 hours, so you can take advantage of your breaks between lectures and your earnings from the experiment are direrctly paid to you in cash. If you show up on time for the experimental session for which you registered, you will receive a guaranteed premium for showing up of 4 CHF. Additional earnings differ between experiments and they may depend on the choices you make during an experiment, on choices other participants make or on random chance mechanisms. You might thus be able to earn a significant amount of money that is comparable to or sometimes more than what you would earn in a typical student job. If you do not wish to receive e-mail invitations for experiments any longer, you can cancel your registration any time.

It is very important that you show up on time when you registered for an experimental session! As we often need a minimum number of participants for a session, it can be very costly for the lab if you do not show up; in the worst case a whole session might need to be cancelled.


No Deception

Any information in the instructions in an experiment at FriLab represents the true experimental procedure. There is no deception allowed at FriLab and all researchers who want to conduct an experiment at FriLab have to comply with this policy. 


Data protection

All decisions in an experiment are made in private and anonymously. This means that it is not possible to track a decision back to a participant in an experimental session. The personal data that is saved in the online recruitment system upon your registration cannot be linked to the choices you make in experiments, which are recorded and saved with randomly generated ID numbers. The anonymous data gathered in experiments will later be published in research articles in scientific journals. When you register at FriLab, you will have to sign a data protection form that infoms you about how the data are being stored and used in detail.