Committee of BHAP Library

The library committee generally meets twice a year to discuss and decide on questions of library policy. It consists of members from all responsible organisations, of the BHAP's librarians and of representatives from all three university bodies in both subjects.

Committee charter (in French and German)

  • Emmanuel Alloa
    full professor, DPT of philosophy; president of the commission
  • Ralf Bader
    full professor, DPT of philosophy
  • Alix Beaudegnies
    student, DPT of art history and archeology
  • Valentin Braekman
    scientific assistant (MA), DPT of philosophy
  • Claire-Lyse Curty-Delley
    head librarian BHAP, subject librarian for art history and archeology
  • Danielle Chassot
    specialist in information and documentation at BHAP
  • Regula Feitknecht 
    vice-director of BCU Central Library, coordinator UNI-BCU
  • Kalinka Janowski
    scientific assistant (MA), DPT of art history and archeology
  • Prof. Dr. Jérémie Koering
    full professor, DPT of art history and archeology 
  • Matthieu Neyroud
    Subject librarian for philosophy
  • Rafaela Schinner
    student, DPT of philosophy