WorkshopPublié le 23.05.2024

Incorporation: Consumption Beyond the Gaze (part. 2)

Although the term incorporation (and its cognates in many Latinate languages) often functions metaphorically, its ability to denote the integration of any two entities is intimately linked to the centrality of the body, the corpus. Reflecting the recent material and sensory turns across the humanities, this workshop is intended to highlight a range of practices in which words and images were consumed by being taken into the body, quite literally incorporated. Whether undertaken for the purposes of memorization, prophylaxis, or chastisement (all are documented), such practices imply that certain kinds of images and words can be so fully consumed as to be incorporated into the human body, to become part of its very substance. In the second iteration of the New York University-University of Fribourg workshop on incorporation participants are invited to present work in progress relevant to any aspect of the theme of incorporation in its broadest senses as they relate to bodies, communities, laws, materials and practices. 

Thursday, May 23rd, 9:30-17:30  > Miséricorde – salle de Cinéma 2029
Friday, May 24th, 10:00- 17:30 > Miséricorde – salle de Cinéma 2029