Till Mostowlansky

Till is an anthropologist whose research interests include mobility, materiality, and religion as well as diverse practices of “doing good” (e.g. development, charity, humanitarianism and philanthropy). He is a Research Fellow at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, The Graduate Institute Geneva. Till was previously a lecturer at the University of Bern (2013-15), where he obtained his PhD, and he has also held Postdoctoral Fellowships at the National University of Singapore (2016) and The University of Hong Kong (2017-18). He is currently the Principal Investigator of a Swiss National Science Foundation funded Ambizione project on Muslim humanitarianism in the borderlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan and is the author of Azan on the Moon: Entangling Modernity along Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017).


List of publications (selection)

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