The mission of the SPCCR is to promote and to inform about biomedical research with non-human primates (NHPs) in Switzerland. The Centre was initially established in 2013 by Professors Eric Rouiller (UniFr) ,Gregor Rainer (UniFr) and Kevan Martin (UniZh) to consolidate and integrate research with NHPs at the two SPCCR partner institutions, the Universities of Fribourg (UniFr) and Zürich (UniZh).

SPCCR currently focuses on neuroscience that aims to advance our understanding of the structure and function of the primate brain.

We contribute to translational projects in collaboration with various institutions from across Switzerland that link specific advances in basic scientific knowledge with benefits for patients, and we wish to strengthen our ties with the medical equipment industry to further develop and refine biomedical devices that can be used for the treatment of brain disorders.

The Competence Centre allows coordination of NHP-related activities between the Universities of Zürich and Fribourg, and provides a platform of expertise to carry out research involving NHPs.

SPCCR is committed to open communication with the media and public and supports the principles of emphasising the importance of the ethical use of animals in research, and also transparency in research.