Evaluation and work carried out during the course

The evaluation of the students' work is taking place exclusively during the course and the seminar, in other words there will be no exam at the end of the course. The work load includes: 

  • the active participation and a regular (compulsory) presence in class
  • a group work together with an oral presentation in class and the subsequent submission of a written paper


WIth the group work, students are required to enrich and to apply the knowledge of the course by undertaking a small research project in line with the reality. There are three objectives in the foreground: 

  • to initiative and develop a research method which attempts to combine theory with practice
  • to confront abstract model approaches with concrete situations of the real world
  • to develop a capacity to present the results orally in class and in a written form in a short paper


In case of failure: an oral exam will be organised. Subject will be the entire material of the course together with students' presentations during the semester. This exam is carried out according to Art. 7 of the regulation about studies and exams within the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences as of February 18, 2009. Warning: Deadlines need to be met !

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