Research Projects

The research projects undertaken by professor Dembinski have three common features:

  • A research method based on the systemic analysis involving the building of the study subject according to the question raised
  • An investigation at a mesoeconomic level, which could be situated between macroeconomics and business administration
  • an interdisciplinary dimension


Recent research projects are the following:

Entrepreneurial dynamics in the Caucasus

This project has been undertaken within the "Academic Swiss Caucasus Net", with the support of the Gerbert Rüf Stiftung" and the University of Fribourg. It explores the entrepreneurial dynamics in the Caucasus, especially in Georgia and Armenia. Find out more about the results for Georgia 


Multilingualism and the transnational enterprises

Professor Paul H. Dembinski has worked on several issues relative to multilingualism in transnational enterprises. Such contribution has taken place within the project MIME (Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe). Such project is financed by the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development of the European Commission, and brings together 22 institutions from 16 European countries. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, it aims at suggesting language policies with the purpose of a better equilibrium between mobility and inclusion. Find out more about MIME  


Ethics in Finance

The professor Dembinski regularly makes contribution to the area of ethics in finance, especially in collaboration with the "Observatoire de la finance" (a think tank on the subject of responsibility and ethics in finance). Thus, the Chair especially contributes to the editing of the quarterly and bilingual (French/English) review "Finance & Bien Commun" and co-organises the "Ethics in Finance Robin Cosgrove Prize". 

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