How to negotiate: techniques and strategies

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3rd June 2024

Ort/e Online

9am to 4pm


For free: Unifr, UNIGE, UNIL, UNINE, HES-SO, EPFL;

CHF 250: other institutions

Format Seminar / Kurs
Sprache Englisch
Workshop description

Female PhD candidates, advanced researchers, professors


The workshop is fully booked. Registration on the waiting list are no longer possible!

Description and objectives
The professional environment, academic or non-academic, offers many opportunities for negotiation: e.g. concerning working hours, distribution of tasks, salary, sharing resources etc.
Based on the Harvard Concept (R. Fisher & W. Ury) negotiation principles will be introduced in this workshop. The participants are invited to reflect on their own experiences and strategies and develop new possibilities for action. Special attention is paid to gender-specific aspects, role perception in negotiations and communication patterns to gain more confidence for forthcoming negotiations.
This workshop will enable participants to:

  • recognise the elements of a negotiation
  • become familiar with different negotiation styles
  • become aware of their own negotiation strategies
  • practise a negotiation and reflect on different ways of negotiating.

Theoretical input alternate with practical exercises based on participant’s case examples and experiences.


Schicka Manuela


Dagmar Engfer, coach and counsellor in career development, leadership, burnout prevention and other topics; team developer and lecturer

Daten und Orte
Zeit Ort
03.06.2024 von 09:00 bis 16:00 Online
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