Raphael Berthelé

Research interests

  • multilingualism
  • in particular: intercomprehension, receptive skills, cross-linguistic influence
  • cognitive linguistics 
  • variationist linguistics 
  • folk linguistics

Research and publications

  • Publications (automatic import from ORCID)
    82 publications

    A behavioural exploration of language aptitude and experience, cognition and more using Graph Analysis
    Raphael Berthele, Alessandra Rampinini, Irene Balboni, Narly Golestani, Brain Research (2024) | Journal article

    Vocabulary card learning: Testing multilingual translations and increased semantic processing
    Raphael Berthele, Fabienne Deuber, Language Teaching Research (2024) | Journal article

    Young learners’ academic self-concepts for L2/L3 French and English
    Raphael Berthele, Isabelle Udry, International Journal of Multilingualism (2024) | Journal article

    A Behavioural Exploration of Language Aptitude and Experience, Cognition and More Using Graph Analysis
    Irene Balboni, Alessandra Rampinini, Narly Golestani, Raphael Berthele, (2024) | Preprint

    Trilingual children’s narratives: a longitudinal study of lexical development
    Raphael Berthele, Elisabeth Reiser-Bello Zago, International Journal of Multilingualism (2023) | Journal article

    Lexical measures as a proxy for bilingual language dominance?
    Audrey Bonvin, Ladina Brugger, Raphael Berthele, International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching (2023) | Journal article

    Digitale Übersetzungsprogramme und Online-Wörterbücher im Fremdsprachenunterricht:
    Isabelle Udry and Raphael Berthele, Linguistik Online (2023) | Journal article

    Welche fremdsprachlichen Lernziele der Schulen können mit digitalen Tools aber ohne Lernen erreicht werden? Simply playing the ostrich will not help in the long run.
    Berthele, Raphael and Udry, Isabelle, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt (2023) | Journal article

    Multilingual boost vs. cognitive abilities: testing two theories of multilingual language learning in a primary school context
    Raphael Berthele and Isabelle Udry, International Journal of Multilingualism (2022) | Journal article

    Introduction to the volume , in Individual Differences in Early Instructed Language Learning: The Role of Language Aptitude, Cognition, and Motivation
    Udry, Isabelle and Berthele, Raphael and Steiner, Carina, ed. by Berthele, Raphael and Udry, Isabelle (Language Science Press, 2021) | Book chapter

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