Olivia Joy-Rütti



I am a post-doc at the Université de Fribourg and the research assistant of the rector at the St.Gallen University of Teacher Education. As a post-doc at the Department for Multilingualism and Foreign Language Education in Fribourg I conduct research for my habilitation in foreign language education and various other research and publication projects. I teach seminars, supervise students' theses at BA and MA level, and engage in further tasks such as the organisation of the the BA colloquium. I am part of various committees and associations and coordinate the EALTA special interest group "Academic Purposes". In my role as the research assistant of the rector at the PHSG, I'm involved with tasks regarding research in tertiary education / teacher education and organisational development, publications, preparation work for consultations launched by various stakeholders and committees etc. My background is in English and Media Studies (BA, Switzerland), English Literature (MA, UK) and in English language teaching at upper secondary school and tertiary level in Europe and New Zealand. I received my PhD in foreign language teaching and learning from the Université de Fribourg. My research interests are in foreign language education, applied linguistics, plurilingualism, language aptitude, language testing, LSP testing, educational assessment, feedback processes, teacher education, and higher education / organisational development.

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