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Emergent honeycomb physics from chiral atomic orbitals on a triangular lattice

Ouvert au grand public Colloque / Congrès / Forum
26.04.2023 16:50

In the hunt for room-temperature quantum spin Hall insulators, bismuthene [1] has demonstrated the impressive advantage of a local spin-orbit coupling experienced by the in-plane p-orbitals. This alternative to pi-bond graphene can be pushed to a conceptually even more essential level upon halving the honeycomb lattice, i.e. considering chiral p-orbitals on a triangular lattice. We theoretically conceive and experimentally realize for the first time a triangular real-space obstructed QSHI [2,3], "indenene", an indium monolayer exhibiting non-trivial valley physics and a large gap, as well as representing a model platform for higher-order topology [4]. We identify an interference mechanism of the Bloch functions and the emergence of a hidden honeycomb pattern in the charge localization, which makes the topological classification accessible to bulk experiments, without the necessity of quantum edge transport.

Quand? 26.04.2023 16:50
Où? PER 08 0.51
Chemin du Musée 3
1700 Fribourg
Intervenants Asst. Prof. Domenico Di Sante
University of Bologne
Invited by group Monney
Contact Département de physique, groupe Monney
Prof. Claude Monney
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