Benefits of Vis Moot Court

  • 15 ECTS credits (special credits) or validation as a proseminary paper (Bachelor) or as a seminar (Master) (please see check the faculty’s website for details regarding the exact amount of credits). 
  • An excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of international sales law and international commercial arbitration by working intensively on a case.
  • You will learn how to write two professional memoranda in a relatively short period of time and how to plead freely in front of a panel composed of professional, experienced arbitrators and lawyers. These written and oral advocacy skills that you will acquire in a practical setting are highly valued by law firms involved in litigation and arbitration.
  • Career opportunities: You will visit Switzerland's major law firms and present your oral arguments there – this is the perfect platform to make personal contact with lawyers and to gain easier access to internships.
  • Most importantly: You will meet law students and make friends with interesting people from all over Switzerland and the world at the Swiss Day, the Pre-Moots and during your 7 days in Vienna.