Emmanuel François Durand

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Emmanuel Durand was born in 1972. He studied philosophy and theology in Paris and Leuven. Then, he taught theology for 13 years in Paris (2001-2014), 4 years in Ottawa (2015-2019) and 2 years in Rome (2019-2020), before joining Fribourg. His doctoral thesis (Paris/Leuven, 2004) and his habilitation thesis (Fribourg, 2007) have contributed to the renewal of French-speaking Trinitarian theology. To date, Emmanuel Durand has published 11 monographs, about 80 scientific articles and contributions, and 55 scientific reviews, in the fields of Trinitarian theology, Christology and Christian anthropology. He is currently engaged in research on the theology of hope, addressing the crisis in representations of the future and salvation. He is the director of the Cogitatio Fidei Series published by Éditions du Cerf (Paris) and is one of the AVEPRO experts (Vatican) for the French-speaking world. He collaborates in several specialized journals, theological centers and research projects, notably in Paris, Ottawa, and Louvain-la-Neuve.

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