Permafrost Monitoring & Dynamics

Atmospheric, surface and subsurface processes are coupled in a complex way in mountain regions. In order to understand the interactions between atmosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere, observations (e.g. meteorological variables, soil moisture, subsurface temperature, soil porosity, snow and ice thickness etc) and model simulations have to be combined and jointly analysed.

We use a variety of models (meteorological, hydrological and soil physical) on different time scales and use monitoring networks (including our own permafrost, energy balance and soil moisture stations) for joint analysis and validation.

Our Projects:

Permafrost Monitoring of Switzerland
Modelling of air circulation and energy fluxes of high Alpine permafrost sites
Improvement of geophysical monitoring routines
Reprocessing and repeating historical geophysical measurements
Quantifying ground ice content in the Central Andes
Improved ice quantification at alpine permafrost sites
IPA Action Group: Towards an International Database of Geoelectrical Surveys on Permafrost (IDGSP)
Development of low-cost and robust electrical resistivity tomography monitoring system for remote permafrost environments (PERM2ERT)