Ice Sheets Monitoring & Dynamics

The Greenland and Antarctic sheets combined hold more than 99% of the world's freshwater ice. If the Greenland ice sheet alone were to melt completely then global sea level would rise about 6-7 metres.

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet has accelerated during the last two decades as the Arctic has warmed and currently contributes around 1 mm to global sea levels each year. Our work focuses on understanding the processes of ice mass loss. We presently focus on the hydrology of high-elevation areas of the ice sheet to understand how they are likely to contribute runoff to the oceans during the 21st century.

Our work integrates findings made by fieldwork measurements, laboratory experiments, remote sensing and numerical modelling to improve estimates of Greenland ice sheet runoff.

Our Projects:

Accelerating mass loss of greenland: firn and shifting runoff limit
Surface mass balance observations from the Greenland Ice Sheet