The Educational Sciences Department offers two degree programmes at Bachelor's and Master's levels:

  • "Educational Sciences"
  • "Pedagogy/Psychology"

The "Educational Sciences" study programme enables the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge in the fields of education, personal development and learning which forms the foundation for academic research activities, social and educational professions as well as activities in related professions. The programme can be combined with other subjects based on the student's interests and gives students great freedom in choosing their thematic priorities.

The "Pedagogy/Psychology" study programme is offered in cooperation with the Department of Psychology. Students will learn how to understand human thinking and behaviour within contextual conditions and societal, social and pedagogical frameworks, and to interpret and reflect on them in accordance with the current state of academic knowledge. The programme is primarily aimed at students who wish to obtain the Teaching Diploma for secondary schools (LDM) in the subject of pedagogy/psychology.

Research-oriented and in step with current practice

Both programmes can be completed in German, in French or bilingually. Individual lectures and seminars are also held in English. The German-language study area "Educational Sciences" includes the following key topics in teaching and research:

  • General educational science
  • Scientific theory, methodology and research methods
  • Globalisation and education
  • International Education Policy
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Childhood and youth studies

Thanks to its manageable size, the study area of "Educational Sciences" has an ideal staff-student ratio. This enables the lecturers to help students to develop their individual interests and to provide them with intensive support in their internships and in the drafting of seminar papers and Bachelor's and Master's theses. Students can be involved in research at the department from the very beginning and gain insights into ongoing projects being carried out at the University Centre for Early Childhood Education Fribourg (ZeFF), among others.

Career prospects

Scientifically based skills for shaping the future of education and personal development are acquired in the "Educational Sciences" study programme. The Bachelor's and Master's degrees provide access to demanding academic and conceptual activities in the fields of education, personal development and further education as well as in social services and media and public relations.