Data Management Plan for Life Science

 Post-graduates / Researchers 




 To be involved in life science research

This workshop provides effective support to produce and operate a data manage plan complying with the guidelines of funding agencies. It will provide tools to generate robust data and excellent quality studies that are reproducible and reusable and how the research data will be managed during and after a research project.  Researchers and professionals envolved in Big Data management will teach the best practices and how to collect, describe, store, secure and archive research data.


Registration via the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Participation is free of charge for members of the University of Fribourg. Please provide your UNIFR e-mail address when registering. 

  • Ziel
    At the end of the course you should be able to produce and operate a DMP (data management plan):
    • complying with the requirements of funding agencies such as the FNS and Horizon 2020,
    • manage in detail your research data, specifying how your data will be analysed, organised, stored, secured and shared
    • specify the type of data that is going to be created and shared
    • indicate the process to be followed in respect of the budget, intellectual property, and monitoring
    You will also learn how to use the “SIB/Vital-IT DMP Canvas Generator tool” which is a tool aiming to help scientists generate Data Management plans for SNF funded projects.
  • Form, Datum und Ort

    One and an half day workshop.

    Please bring your personal laptop as we will use it for the practical part of the course.

    DAY 1
    At first, researchers and professionals involved in Big Data management at SIB/Vital-IT as well as in Data Management Plan preparation at UNIL/CHUV will teach you best practices in data management and how to collect, describe, store, secure and archive research data. You will be introduced to the need for a Data Management Plan (DMP) preparation, an evolving document reporting how the research data will be managed during and after a research project.
    The afternoon will be dedicated to a practical session on Data management, with an overview on how to fill a DMP. You will be initiated in version control systems, data deposit, Open Access issues, metadata standards for datasets, file formats for long term datasets storage and re-use, data copyright, licenses and self-archiving rules.
    DAY 2
    On the second half-day, which is optional, you can really work to prepare a DMP using your own data. That's what we call "Bring Your Own Data" (BYOD).
  • Voraussetzungen

     To be involved in life science research.

  • Verantwortliche

    Workshop organzied by the Research Promotion Office.

    Coordination: SIB Training Group

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