Data Analytics without Programming

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 FS 2022

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Society is undergoing a relentless digital transformation and most aspects of daily life are now quantified. The availability of such huge quantities of data makes its analysis all the more important in all domains. However, many do not have the necessary skills to write code for manipulating data and even less to make use of advanced techniques such as machine learning.  For this reason, our course aims at teaching how to prepare and analyze data in general and via machine learning techniques without coding.

  • Ziel

    The goal of this course is to be able to analyze data in a descriptive way or with machine learning algorithms without the need to learn to program.

  • Inhalte und Themen

    In particular, the students will:

    • Learn what data analytics and big data are, and why they are important.
    • Learn to perform descriptive analytics and to plot data appropriately.
    • Learn how to use Tableau to perform descriptive analysis and create interactive dashboards.
    • Learn what machine learning (ML) is and its impact on data analytics.
    • Learn how to use RapidMiner Studio to perform data analysis with machine learning without coding.
  • Form, Datum und Ort

    The theoretical course and tutorials for the use of the tools will be held online for one semester.

    During the online course, videos are made available to participants and, once a week, a face-to-face session is offered to discuss the practical exercises.

  • Voraussetzungen

    No particular computer skills are required.

  • Validierung

    The acquisition of ECTS credits is possible and optional by passing an exam at the end of the course. The format of the exam will be specified at the beginning of the course.

  • Verantwortliche

    Maurizio Caon

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