Boosting your digital classroom with Renku : Modul 3




 FS 2022

 Konzepte von Git, Python, command-line scripts. Es wird empfohlen, zuerst Modul 1 zu belegen.

In the third module of this course you will learn how to design and implement classroom ecosystem on Renku for students and for teachers / assistants.

  • Ziel

    At the end of the third module of this course you should be able to design and implement classroom ecosystem for your data science or programming courses using the advanced features of an open-source collaborative platform Renku.

  • Inhalte und Themen
    • Classroom ecosystem for students
      • Creating groups
      • Working in groups with Git
      • Forking teacher’s projects
    • Classroom ecosystem for teachers and assistants
      • Designing lecture, exercise and assignment material
      • Collecting assignments using the GitLab API from forks
      • Tracking student contributions using Git
      • Grading work systematically
      • Publishing grades
  • Form, Datum und Ort

    Online course FS 2022


  • Voraussetzungen

    Basic Git, Python and command-line scripting are helpful in this module. Recommended to complete Module 1 of this course first.

  • Verantwortliche

    Scientific IT team ( in collaboration with the Swiss Data Science Center.



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