Boosting your digital classroom with Renku : Modul 1

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The first module of this course will introduce you to Renku and how it empowers you with the best practices for data science, reproducibility and transparency (Lecture and Demos).

  • Ziel

    At the end of the first module of this course you should be able to set up your data science or programming courses on an open-source collaborative platform Renku.

  • Inhalte und Themen
    • Benefits of using Renku to teach data science and software best practices
      • How Renku changes your teaching journey
      • Embracing industry standards : slow and steady with Git and the command line
    • Set up 101 : how to add packages and set up your containers
    • Integration with Moodle
      • Automated and manual grading
      • Fine-tuning privacy levels across a class
    • Responsible resource usage on Renku
  • Form, Datum und Ort


    MOOC - always accessible

  • Voraussetzungen

    There are no pre-requisites for this module.

  • Verantwortliche

    Scientific IT team ( in collaboration with the Swiss Data Science Center.

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