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    Berno Buechel, Stefan Klößner, Fanyuan Meng, and Anis Nassar. Misinformation due to asymmetric information sharing. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming.

    Matija Piškorec, Ben Domenic James Murphy, Florian Rüegsegger, Sina Rafati Niya & Claudio J. Tessone. Bow-tie structure of the Polkodot transfer network. Blockchain Analytics, 2023. [link] 

    Sina Rafati Niya, Ivana Mesić, Georgios Anagnostou, Gabriele Brunini, Claudio J. Tessone. A first Analytics Approach to the Cardano Blockchain. Blockchain Analytics, 2023. [link] 

    Benjamin Kraner, Nicolò Vallarano, Claudio J. Tessone, Caspar Schwarz-Schilling. Agent-Based Modelling of Thereum Consensus. Blockchain Analytics, 2023. [link]

    Beibei Han, Yingmei Wei, Qingyong Wang, Francesco Maria De Collibus & Claudio J. Tessone. MT2AD: multi-layer temporal transaction anomaly detection in ethereum networks with GNN. Blockchain Analytics, 2023.  [link]

    Chuanyun Li, Florian Spychiger, Claudio J. Tessone. The Miner’s Dilemma With Migration: The Control Effect of Solo-Mining. Blockchain Analytics, 2023. [link]

    Alexandre Bovet, Carlo Campajola, Francesco Mottes, Valerio Restocchi, Nicolo Vallarano, Tiziano Squartini and Claudio J. Tessone. The Evolving Liaisons between the Transaction Networksof Bitcoin and its Price Dynamics. Blockchain Analytics, 2023[link]

    Dingqi Yang, Bingqing Qu, Jie Yang, Liang Wang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Streaming Graph Embeddings via Incremental Neighborhood Sketching. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 35, no. 5, 2023. [link]

    Rana Hussein, Alberto Lerner, André Ryser, Lucas Bürgi, Albert Blarer, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. GraphINC: Graph Pattern Mining at Network Speed. Proceedings of the 2023 International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD ’23), 2023. [link]

    Alberto Lerner, Carsten Binnig, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Rana Hussein, Matthias Jasny, Theo Jepsen, Dan R. K. Ports, Lasse Thostrup, and Tobias Ziegler. Databases on Modern Networks: A Decade of Research That Now Comes into Practice. To Appear in Proceedings of the 49th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB’23), 2023. [link] 

    Francesco Maria De Collibus, Alberto Partida, Matija Piškorec. The Role of Smart Contracts in the Transaction Networks of Four Key DeFi-Collateral Ethereum-Based Tokens. Blockchain Analytics, 2022. [link]

    Giuseppe Cuccu, Christophe Broillet, Carolin Reischauer, Harriet Thöny, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Typhon: Parallel Transfer on Heterogeneous Datasets for Cancer Detection in Computer-Aided Diagnosis. 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, BigData, 2022.  [link]

    Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Leveraging Social Context for Fake News Detection: Technical Perspective. Commun. ACM 65, no. 4 (2022): 123, 2022. [link]

    Laura Rettig, Kurt Baumann, Sebastian Sigloch, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Leveraging Knowledge Graph Embeddings to Disambiguate Author Names in Scientific Data. 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, BigData, 2022[link]

    Natalia Ostapuk, Djellel Difallah, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. ParaGraph: Mapping Wikidata Tail Entities to Wikipedia Paragraphs. 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, BigData, 2022. [link]

    Florian Spychiger, Claudio Tessone, Liudmila Zavolokina, Gerhard Schwabe. Incentivizing Data Quality in Blockchain-Based Systems - The Case of the Digital Cardossier. Distributed Ledger Technologies: Research and Practice, 1(1):1-27, 2022. [link]

    Francesco Maria De Collibus, Matija Piškorec, Alberto Partida, Claudio J. Tessone. The Structural Role of Smart Contracts and Exchanges in the Centralisation of Ethereum-Based Cryptoassets. Entropy, 24(8):1048, 2022. [link]

    Enrico Maria Fenoaltea, Izat B. Baybusinov, X Na, Yi-Chang Zhang. A local interaction dynamic for the matching problem. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 604, 127690, 2022. [link]

    BL Chen, WX Jiang, YX Chen, L Chen, RJ Wang, S Han, JH Lin, ... Influence blocking maximization on networks: Models, methods and applications. Physics Reports 976, 1-54,  2022. [link]

    Izat B. Baybusinov, Enrico Maria Fenoaltea, Yi-Chang Zhang. Negotiation problem. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 592, 126806, 2022. [link]

    Y Zhou, R Wang, Yi-Cheng Zhang, A Zeng, Matus Medo. Improving PageRank using sports results modeling. Knowledge-based systems 241, 108168, 2022. [link]

    Bo-Lun Chen, Wen-Xin Jang, Yong-Tao Yu, Lei Zhou, Claudio J. Tessone. Graph embedding based ant colony optimization for negative influence propagation suppression under cost constraints. Swarm and Evonlutionary Computation, 2022. [link][pdf]

    Jian-Hong Lin, Emiliano Marchese, Claudio J. Tessone, Tiziano Squartini. The weighted Bitcoin Lightning Network. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2022. [link]  [pdf]

    Fanyuan Meng,  Matus Medo and Berno Buechel. Whom to Trust in a Signed Network? Optimal Solution and two Heuristic Rules. Information Sciences, 2022. 606:742-762 [pdf] [link

    Yuhao Zhou, Ruijie Wang, Yi-Cheng Zhang, An Zeng, Matús Medo. Improving PageRank using sports results modeling. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2022. [link] [pdf] 

    Ines Arous, Jie Yang, Mourad Khayati, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux. Peer Grading the Peer Reviews A Dual-Role Approach for Lightening the Scholarly Paper Review Process. ACM Digital Library,  2021. [link[pdf]

    Ines Arous, Ljiljana Dolamic, Jie Yang, Akansha Bhardwaj, Giuseppe Cuccu, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. MARTA: Leveraging Human Rationales for Explainable Text Classification. The Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2021. [link[pdf]

    Giuseppe Cuccu, Julian Togelius, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Playing Atari with Few Neurons. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 35, no. 2, 1-23 (2021). [pdf]

    Francesco Maria De Collibus, Alberto Partida, Matija Piskorec, Claudio J. Tessone. Heterogeneous Preferential Attachment in Key Ethereum-Based Cryptoassets. frontiers, 2021. [link] 

    Enrico Maria Fenoaltea, Izat B. Baybusinov, Jianyang Zhao, Lei Zou, Yi-Cheng Zhang. The Stable Marriage Problem: An interdisciplinary review from the hysicist's perspective. Physics Reports, 2021. [link[pdf] 

    Jan Alexander Fischer, Andres Palechor, Daniele Dell’Aglio, Abraham Bernstein and Claudio J. Tessone The Complex Community Structure of the Bitcoin Address Correspondence Network. Frontiers in Physics, 9:681798 (2021). [link]

    Ming Li, RunRan Liu, Linyuan Lü, Mao-Bin Hu, Shuqi Xu, Yi-Cheng Zhang. Percolation on complex networks: Theory and application. Physics Reports, 2021. [link][pdf] 

    Michael Luggen, Julien Audiffren, Djellel Difallah, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux: Wiki2Prop: A Multimodal Approach for Predicting Wikidata Properties from Wikipedia. ACM Digital Library,  2021. [link[pdf]

    Manuel S. Mariani, María J. Palazzi, Albert Solé-Ribalta, Javier Borge-Holthoefer, Claudio J. Tessone. Absence of a resolution limit in in-block nestedness. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 2021. [link]

    Matús Medo, Manuel S. Mariani, Linyuan Lü. The fragility of opinion formation in a complex world. Communications physics, 2021. [link][pdf] 

    Matús Medo, Manuel S. Mariani, Linyuan Lü. The simple regularities in the dynamics of online news impact. Springer Link,  2021. [link][pdf] 

    Caspar Schwarz-Schilling, Sheng-Nan Li, Claudio J. Tessone. Agent-based Modelling of Strategic behavior in PoW Protocols. IEEE Xplore, 2021. [link][pdf] 

    Florian Spychiger, Paolo Tasca, Claudio J. Tessone. Unveiling the Importance and Evolution of Design Components Through the "Tree of Blockchain". frontiers,  2021. [link] [pdf]

    Ines Arous, Jie Yang, Mourad Khayati, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. OpenCrowd: A Human-AI Collaborative Approach for Finding Social Influencers via Open-Ended Answers Aggregation. Proceedings of the Web Conference (WWW 2020). Taipei, Taiwan, (2020). [Slides] [pdf] [Video]

    Matteo Bruno, Fabop Saracco, Claudio J. Tessone, Diego Garlaschelli and Guido Caldarelli. The ambiguity of nestedness under soft and hard constraints. Scientific Reports, 10: 19903 (2020). [link]

    Jian-Hong Lin, Kevin Primicerio, Tiziano Squartini, Christian Decker and Claudio J. Tessone. Lightning network: a second path towards centralisation of the Bitcoin economy. New Journal of Physics, 22 (8): 083022 (2020). [link]

    Laura Rettig, Regula Hänggli, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. The Best of Both Worlds: Context-Powered Word Embedding Combinations for Longitudinal Text Analysis. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, BigData, (2020). [pdf]

    Paolo Rosso, Dingqi Yang and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Beyond Triplets: Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction. Proceedings of The Web Conference (WWW 2020). Taipei, Taiwan, (2020). [pdf

    Nicoló Vallarano,  Claudio J. Tessone and Tiziano Squartini. Bitcoin Transaction Networks: An Overview of Recent Results. Frontiers in Physics, 8: 286 (2020). [link]

    Dingqi Yang, Bingqing Qu, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Location-Centric Social Media Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Cities. IEEE Intelligent Systems, (2020). [pdf]

    Dingqi Yang, Bingqing Qu, Jie Yang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. LBSN2Vec++: Heterogeneous Hypergraph Embedding for Location-Based Social Networks. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, (2020). [pdf]

    Berno Buechel and Lydia Mechtenberg. The swing voter’s curse in social networks. Games and Economic Behavior , 23, 259-293, (2019). [pdf] [appendix] [Poster]

    Berno Buechel, Stefan Klössner, Martin Lochmüller, Heiko Rauhut. The Strength of Weak Leaders: An Experiment on Social Influence and Social Learning in Teams. Experimental Economics , 1-35, (2019). [pdf] [link] [appendix] [News

    Martin Kindschi, Jan Cieciuch, Eldad Davidov, Alexander Ehlert, Heiko Rauhut, Claudio J. Tessone and René Algesheimer. Values in adolescent friendship networks. Network Science (New York): 1-25 (2019). [link]

    Artem Lutov, M. Khayati, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. DAOC: Stable Clustering of Large Networks. BigData, (2019). [pdf]

    Artem Lutov, Dingqi Yang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Bridging the Gap between Community and Node Representations: Graph Embedding via Community Detection. BigData, (2019). [pdf]

    Manuel Mariani, Zhuo-Ming Ren, Jordi Bascompte and Claudio J. Tessone.  Nestedness in complex networks: Observation, emergence, and implications. Physics Reports, 813: 1-90 (2019). [link]

    Natalia Ostapuk, Jie Yang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. ActiveLink: Deep Active Learning for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs. Proceedings of the Web Conference (WWW 2019), (2019). [pdf]

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    Paolo Rosso, Dingqi Yang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Revisiting Text and Knowledge Graph Joint Embeddings: The Amount of Shared Information Matters!. BigData, (2019). [pdf

    Dingqi Yang, Bingqing Qu, Jie Yang, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Revisiting User Mobility and Social Relationships in LBSNs: A Hypergraph Embedding Approach. Proceedings of the Web Conference (WWW 2019), (2019). [pdf]

    Dingqi Yang, Bingqing Qu, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. Privacy-Preserving Social Media Data Publishing for Personalized Ranking-Based RecommendationIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) 31, no. 3: 507–20, (2019).  [pdf]

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    Radu Tanase, Claudio J. Tessone, and René Algesheimer: Identification of influencers through the wisdom of crowds. PLOS ONE vol. 13, pp. e0200109 (2018). [pdf] [link]

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    Julia Proskurnia, Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Ryota Kobayashi, Carlos Castillo, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, and Karl Aberer. Predicting the Success of Online Petitions Leveraging Multidimensional Time-Series. In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW 2017). Perth, Australia, 2017. [pdf]

    Alberto Tonon, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Albert Blarer, Vincent Lenders, and Boris Motik. ArmaTweet: Detecting Events by Semantic Tweet Analysis. In Proceedings of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), 2017. [pdf]

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    Zhang, Y-C., (2020). Matchmakers and Markets: The Revolutionary Role of Information in the Economy. Oxford Scholarship Online. Link