Block course with Prof. Dr. NösbergerPublished on 26.08.2019

«Audit Methodology» - A 3 day case study offers a first insight into audit - from Fall 2019 on in Bern instead of Fribourg.

The course “audit methodology” (4.5 ECTS) of  Prof. Dr. Thomas Nösberger provides students a first insight  into audit.  A three day case study (8. – 10. 11. 2019) is the cornerstone of the course, supplemented with an introduction day (10.10.2019) and a wrap-up meeting (6.12.2019). The course covers fundamental concepts (audit risk, materiality etc.). The objective of the course is to allow students to apply theoretical concepts in a case study and to visualize the challenges and limitations of an audit.

The course takes place at the University of Berne. Further information and registration (deadline 30.9.2019) with Ms. Andrea Probst ( The number of participants is limited to 24.