Fribourg Day of Cognition 2023

The « Fribourg Day of Cognition »  is an annual meeting for researchers working on cognition at the University of Fribourg (mainly researchers in medicine and psychology, but also other disciplines). Its aim is to provide an overview over current research projects carried out at UniFR in the field of cognition by means of a talk or poster presentation. To obtain ECTS credits, students have to choose a scientific presentation and write a report (approximatively 2 pages in English, German or French if possible). This report should focus on the hypotheses tested, the methodology chosen, a summary of the main results and a brief critical discussion.

Our annual day of cognition will take place this year on Wednesday, October 4th 2023 from 13:00 - 16:00 in PER 09 0.108.


The program for this year is here.



Prof. Petra Vetter, Dr. Stefano Ioannucci


Meeting location: PER 09 0.108

Meeting Date: October 4th


Information for Speakers:


Presentations will be held in person in room PER 09 0.108. Please provide us with your presentation slides well in advance of your presentation either via Email, SWITCHDrive or via USB Stick.

Please prepare your talk such that it takes 15 minutes followed by a 5 min discussion and a brief change of speakers.


Information for Poster presenters:


Posters will be presented during the coffee break (14:00-14:30) in the entrance hall of PER 09. Please bring your poster beforehand and mount it yourself on a free space of one of the poster boards provided there.