The Chair regularly organizes high-level practitioners’ conferences and research seminar for the academic community.

Conferences organized by the Chair
  • Tim Kroencke (Université de Neuchâtel), Recessions and the Stock Market, séminaire de recherche, 26.03.2019
  • François Derrien (HEC Paris), Labor Force Demographics and Corporate Innovation, séminaire de recherche, 26.11.2018
  • Christophe Volonté (Inrate AG), Understanding and Shaping Corporate Governance in Switzerland, conference, 30.05.2018
  • Dominique Biedermann (Ethos), Current Issues in the Corporate Governance of Swiss Listed Firms, 20.04.2018
  • Christophe Pérignon (HEC-Paris), The Private Production of Safe Assets, 20.11.2017
  • Philipp Valta (Universität Bern), Debt in Political Campaigns, 12.10.2016

Conferences organized by the Accounting and Finance Group
  • Karl Schuhmacher (Emory University, USA), "Leading by Example: The Effect of Contract Design on the Ability to Lead”, 11.09.2018
  • Michael Wolff and Sebastian Firk (Georg-August University Göttingen), The Dark Side of Clawbacks: Clawback Provisions and a Firm's Strategy, 11.09.2018
  • Annette Mikes (HEC Lausanne), Opening the Black Box of Board –Level Control: A Longitudinal Study of Board Accounts, Risk Management and Accounting, 8.06.2017

  • 12th Workshop on European Financial Reporting, 1-2.09.2016
  • Lukas Roth (University of Alberta), Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Social Responsibility? International Evidence, 23.3.2016