The University of Fribourg subscribes to different databases. Some of them are particularly useful for research in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance. They provide historical data on a number of variables relevant for empirical research (such as firms, assets, or economic variables).

These databases can be accessed from the library (BP2) during its opening hours. The chair also offers access to these databases from its offices, more specifically from room F506. The graduate assistants of the accounting and finance group can provide an introduction to the use and scope of these databases. The databases give access to different types of data.


Refinitiv Datastream 

Data on firms (financial ratios, asset prices, accounting data), macroeconomic data. Global coverage with historical data up to 1970.



Data on firms, mergers & acquisitions, financial analysts forecasts. Global coverage.


NRG Metrics 

Data on items related to corporate governance, such as boards of directors, audit and ownership structure of listed firms.