Conditions to submit theses

Bachelor and Master theses can be done at the Chair of Accounting and Financial Analysis.

A Bachelor's degree consists of writing  a review of a scientific literature on a particular subject and eventually carry out a brief empirical study or a case study. A Bachelor's work includes thirty pages.

A Master's work  consists of writing a literature review and conducting an empirical study or a case study. A Master's work includes fifty pages. 



Students who are interested in writing a thesis with the Chair of Accounting and Financial Analysis have to present a brief research proposal and a short bibliography before beginning his writing work.

The research proposal succinctly presents the research question and should not exceed one page. The research proposal delimits the problem and eases the student's work. Once the proposal is accepted, the student can begin his theses. 



The work contains the following parts: a cover page, an abstract, a table of contents, an introduction, the work, a conclusion, a bibliography and any appendices.


Formal Aspects

The work must be written in a direct and impersonal style. Emphasis, subjective comments and personal formulations are to be avoided. Reading and understanding of the work are thus facilitated.

For the formal presentation of the work, the student uses a 1.5 line spacing, a 12 point Times New Roman font, a justified paragraph format, and 2.5 centimeter margins. Tables and main figures are inserted into the text.