Call for submissionPublié le 27.03.2019

Gender Sensitive Research and Teaching

The Department of Social Science of the University of Fribourg, and the Yerevan State University Center for Gender and Leadership Studies, invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to submit an article for the publication “Gender Sensitive Research and Teaching.” We expect to receive articles that will show the importance of looking at social research, and the development of academic courses, in the social and political sciences through the lens of gender. The articles may provide an overview of gender sensitive theories, methodologies, and may also present the results of qualitative surveys, quantitative surveys, case studies, and desk reviews. In particular, we encourage submissions that will include recommendations for researchers and scholars on how to develop and organize gender sensitive research.

The articles could include the following topics:

  • Placing gender at the center of research
  • Using traditional research methods to approach gender issues
  • How to conduct gender sensitive research
  • How to teach gender sensitive methods
  • International comparative research on gender issues
  • Epistemological/methodological/ethical dilemmas in gender research, and how to address them
  • Gender sensitive methodology can be explored taking examples from research on different topics as: gender and mobility, gender and labor market, gender attitudes of youth, gender and new media  technology, among others.


  • 30th June 2019: deadline to send propositions
  • 15th July 2019: answer if the proposition is accepted or refused
  • 1st October 2019: deadline to send complete articles
  • 31st December 2019: evaluations and corrections
  • Spring 2020: Publication

More information in the pdf file!