Since several years the University of Fribourg offers the possibility to doctoral students to publish their dissertation in electronic form on the UNIFR database eThesis. Apart from this database, the Network of libraries in Western Switzerland (RERO) created the digital library RERO DOC that automatically lists all theses of the University of Fribourg, that were published on eThesis until end of January 2015.

From February 2015 on, the electronic publication of theses at the University of Fribourg will be exclusively done on RERO DOC. Theses already published on eThesis will still be available and are directly linked to RERO DOC. All hyperlinks on eThesis will stay active. RERO DOC offers a greater visibility of published theses because they are directly accessible by all common search engines, especially by Google SCHOLAR. Furthermore RERO DOC ensures a digital long-term preservation of these documents because they are archived on the servers of the Swiss National Library


Advantages for doctoral students

  • lower costs: the number of printed depositary copies is reduced in the Faculties of Humanities and Economic and Social Sciences from 40 to 6 and in the Faculty of Theology to 10;
  • publication within 4 weeks;
  • contributes to the reputation of the doctoral student and the university;
  • a broader audience can be reached by the simple retrieval and the fast access to these works;
  • makes valuable information available to the academic community.

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