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Institut für Ökumenische Studien  
Institut d'études œcuméniques
Institute for Ecumenical Studies
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Theology of Ecumenism in the exchange of gifts among the Churches of the West and the East is one of the centers of competence of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg. The Institute for Ecumenical Studies (ISO) is responsible for this priority and accompanies the Faculty in its character as a place of ecumenical learning in the community of catholic, orthodox, reformed and evangelical students.

The Institute focusses on two fields: 


The Study Center for Faith and Society mainly treats questions of the intra-protestant ecumenism. The Center creates bridges between academic theology, different forms of Christian spirituality and pastoral practice as well as social life. The Center pays special attention to pertinent theological contributions of ecclesial communities and movements that want to promote the renewal of Christian witness in the context of the contemporary world. 

The Institute of Ecumenical Studies, by an agreement of collaboration, is associated with the Institut for Eastern Churches of Regensburg (OKI). The ISO continues several tasks of the OKI and is responsible for the Catalogue ORTHODOXIA of all the Orthodox Bishops - online and as a book. As the OKI, the ISO understands itself as “window to the Western Churches" for the Eastern Churches and the students they send. In collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Studies in Orthodox Theology in Chambésy (Geneva), the Faculty of Theology of Fribourg offers a Master program, entitled Master of Arts in theological studies: Specialization in Orthodoxy and interchristian studies. An agreement with the Aspirantura/Doktorantura of the Patriarchate of Moscow facilitates the exchange for Russian orthodox students.  

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