FilmsPublikationsdatum 04.09.2022

Japanese Film Screening Tour 2022

The Japanese Film Screening Tour 2022 welcomes you this autumn in Fribourg

The Japanese Film Screening Tour 2022 is organized by the Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Switzerland in cooperation with the University of Fribourg, the University of Zurich, and the Swiss Japanese Cultural Association Yamato.

Screenings and dates:

  1. We Make Antiques! (2018, 110 min.), 22 September, 18:00
  2. AWAKE (2020, 119 min.), 30 September, 18:00
  3. Nosari – Impermanent Eternity (2021, 129 min.), 7 October, 18:00
  4. After the Sunset (2019, 133 min.), 14 October, 18:00

Place: Eikon (Vocational School of Applied Arts), Route Wilhelm Kaiser 13, 1700 Fribourg
Time: 18:00
Admission: Free

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Contact: Raluca Mateoc,

Summary of the films (Japanese Original with English Subtitle ):

  • 1. We Make Antiques! (2018, 110 min.)

Antique dealer Koike Norio flounders around as he goes
after a big break. He heads for Sakai, Osaka to find a treasure and meets down-and-out potter Noda Sasuke. A prominent appraiser dupes them and the two losers collude to
make a pile of cash by faking "Rikyu's lost tea bowl."

  • 2. AWAKE (2020, 119 min.)

Eiichi once aimed to be a pro shogi (Japanese chess) player
but abandoned his dream after losing to powerhouse Riku.
Now a university student, Eiichi discovers computer-based
shogi and dedicates himself to crafting a strong shogi program. But his quest leads him down a familiar road where
he once again must challenge Riku

  • 3. Nosari – Impermanent Eternity (2021, 129 min.)

A young guy who travels around scamming people shows
up in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture to pick up cash from
the old woman he has targeted. But she insists that he is
her grandson, so he ends up living with her. Gradually he
starts to feel strangely comfortable.

  • 4. After the Sunset (2019, 133 min.)

Set in the small town in southern Japan, it tells the story of
a mother, Satsuki who is going to formally adopt his son
and his biological mother, Akane who is living nearby
without telling the truth, and the baby abandoned case
took place in the internet café in Tokyo 7 years ago.