Research stayPublikationsdatum 30.08.2022

Ebtisam Hussein

Ebtisam Hussein is an European Neighborhood Council (ENC) academic council member and Associate Professor of Political Science at Cairo University (on full secondment). She served as Associate Professor of Middle Eastern studies (Feb.2019-Jan 2022) at Sun Yat-sen University in China, one of China’s top ten universities. After she returned home from her position in China, she took over as Associate Professor in New Giza University.

She earned her PhD in 2014 from the Free University of Berlin, where she studied in a highly-specialized and competitive program titled the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies. Her research foci comprise Egyptian politics, Islamism, repressive practices in the public sphere, and post-2011 MENA political landscapes. In addition to her published peer-reviewed research, she recently contributed analysis papers, available on the ENC website. 

She was awarded several international scholarships such as the cultural exchange program in Japan in 2005 and a Fulbright grant to study US politics and thought in 2006.

Currently, she is visiting the Departement of Social Sciences, at Fribourg University, for a one-month research stay, funded by the SNSF, where she engages in a joint research project with Prof. Ansgar Jödicke, from the Religious Studies Departement, on Islamists in the public sphere.