Employment opportunities

Within the framework of a PhD project, there are several employment options:

  • As a Graduate Assistant, that is, a member of the academic staff who fulfills administrative, teaching and researching duties;
  • As a Graduate Research Assistant employed by the university and whose main activity is to conduct research;
  • As a SNSF Doctoral Assistant contributing to the implementation of a SNFS-financed project at the University of Fribourg;
  • Other funding sources. 

In all the above-listed cases, the applicant is expected to agree with his/her prospective thesis' director on the funding source for the implementation of the doctoral project in question.

The List of Open Positions at the University of Fribourg is published on the Faculties' websites.

Warning: Enrolment in a PhD programme is no guarantee of an assistantship, and viceversa. In addition, registration as a PhD student does not necessarily result in the financing of the research project that has been approved for the PhD programme. 


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