Following the statement issued by the CRUS (Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities) on May 6th, 2011, the habilitation as a qualification subsequent to the doctoral degree is not anymore considered as a prerequisite for the academic career in Switzerland.

This degree is traditionally awarded by German-speaking universities after the defence of a "habilitation dissertation" which bears witness to several years of postdoctoral research. However, in many scientific disciplines it is by now customary to replace such a monograph with a series of publications ("cumulative habilitation").

In those cases where the habilitation is required, the common practice in Swiss universities nowadays is to point out in the position advertisement that this may be replaced by "equivalent qualifications." Thus, any researcher meeting the requirements is entitled to apply for a professorship even at a university where the habilitation is customary.

In order to check out the regulations in force within each of the Faculties at the University of Fribourg, please download the documents below (in German and French):

 Management, Economics and Social sciences