Occasional Funding Opportunities

There exist several funding opportunities meant to support initiatives and partnerships ancillary to the implementation of a postdoctoral research project:

The University of Fribourg "Fonds & Pool de Recherche"

The University of Fribourg Research Funds and Research Pool grant subsidies designed to finance research projects, promote international exchanges and support research activities. Decisions on applications are made four times a year by the Fonds and twice a year by the Pool.


Operating Funds for Academic Publications

The Operating Funds for Academic Publications advance the expenses incurred by author and/or editors in publishing their work. The conditions for this loan are: 1) the publication of the work in one of the Universities of Fribourg series or with a Swiss publishing house and 2) a share (minimum 25%) in the copyright ownership.


CSWM Funding for Continuing Education

The CSWM Funding for Continuing Education is a funding scheme that contributes to covering the expenses incurred by researchers at the University of Fribourg in the course of their training activities. Refund request forms are processed three times a year (April, September, December). 


SNSF Scientific Exchanges

The SNSF Scientific Exchanges is aimed at researchers who want to host their own scientific event in Switzerland, invite colleagues from abroad for a research visit to Switzerland, or visit their colleagues in another country. 


Fondation Jan Michalski pour l'Ecriture et la Littérature

The "Fondation Jan Michalski" promotes literature in Switzerland and worldwide, and it finances a wealth of literature-oriented activities ranging from guest lectures to conferences and publications. Applications are processed on a monthly basis.


Fondation Jean Nordmann

The "Fondation Jean Nordmann" gives financial support to the exchanges between the University of Fribourg and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (HUJI) in the form of academic collaborations lasting two weeks to one semester.