Employment opportunities

Within the framework of a PhD project, there are several employment options:

  • As a Graduate Assistant, that is, a member of the academic staff who fulfils administrative, teaching and researching duties;
  • As a Graduate Research Assistant employed by the university and whose main activity is to conduct research;
  • As a SNSF Doctoral Assistant contributing to the implementation of a SNFS-financed project at the University of Fribourg;
  • Other funding sources. 

In all the above-listed cases, the applicant is expected to agree with his/her prospective thesis' director on the funding source for the implementation of the doctoral project in question.

 Please be aware

Enrolment in a PhD programme is no guarantee of an assistantship, and vice versa. In addition, registration as a PhD student does not necessarily result in the financing of the research project that has been approved for the PhD programme. 

Non-academic employment

AGEF ("Association Générale des Étudiant-e-s de l'Université de Fribourg"), together with UNIFR's Career Services, offers a job market that enables students to quickly find a job, internship or holiday job in advertisements from employers throughout the region.