Swissuniversities (CUS) doctoral programmes

Swiss Universities ProDoc Programmes

Specifically designed crus programmes for the furtherance of doctoral research and the enhancement of career perspectives for doctoral students.

Programmes and projects

Specific offers of the Fribourg University

University didactic
Accompanying programme for doctoral students

Biomedical Sciences
"CellMigration" SNSF ProDoc programme

"Molecular Life Sciences" joint doctoral program in chemistry at the Universities of Fribourg and Neuchâtel

Comparative Literature
"General and Comparative Literature

Contemporary History
"Migration and Postcoloniality Meet Switzerland"

Gender Studies
Gender Studies Doctoral Programmes in Switzerland

Historical Anthropology
"Comparatism and Interdisciplinarity: Ancient and Modern Worlds"

Doctoral programme "Language and Cognition"

French linguistics
"Variation in the language"

Doctoral programme "Multilingualism: Acquisition, Education and Society"

"Neuroscience" joint doctoral program in Neuroscience at the Universities of Fribourg and Bern

Social Sciences, Sociology, Pedagogy
"PROWEL" doctoral programme in social problems and welfare
"Education Science"

"De Civitate Hominis" University of Fribourg doctoral programme
Between Tradition and Innovation

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