Behavioural methods in neuroscience

Teacher(s): Annoni Jean-Marie, Favre Grégoire, Harvey Michael, Kuhn Yves-Alain, Missonnier-Evrard Pascal, Rainer Gregor, Schmid Michael, Spierer Lucas, Wälchli Michael
Level: Master
Type of lesson: Demonstration
Language(s): English
Semester(s): SA-2021
The course introduces participants to laboratory methods used for behavioral and associated functional studies in humans and animals. The focus lies on measurement, analysis and interpretation of behavioral parameters such as behavioral choice or reaction time, as well as functional parameters such as electroencephalographic recordings. The course is conducted in 7 modules lasting four hours each, and takes place in specialized laboratories.

Training aims

Introduce participants to behavioral and functional measurements relevant for studying regeneration and repair of the brain and spinal cord.