Schmid Research Group

The Schmid lab investigates brain circuit operations in the visual system in order to understand how we see and how vision can be improved under diseased conditions.


Master program: Digital Neuroscience
Master program: Digital Neuroscience

Digital Neuroscience bringt Digitalisierung und Neurowissenschaften zusammen. Für Aussenstehende klingt das vorerst etwas abstrakt. Michael Schmid, Professor für Systems Neuroscience, erklärt, was es damit auf sich hat und worin die Einzigartigkeit dieses neuen Masters besteht.

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Binocular Suppression in the Macaque Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Reveals Early Competitive Interactions between the Eyes.

Published on january 2021

eNeuro 2021


RTS CQFD 13.01.2021

Pour un meilleur partage des données sur lʹoptogénétique.

Dr. Samy Rima


New publication

Theta, but Not Gamma Oscillations in Area V4 Depend on Input from Primary Visual Cortex.

Current Biology dec.2020

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Sharing experimental data in optogenetics to develop new neurological therapies.

Published on 24.11.2020 (UNIFR)

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Recent Publication

Advantage of detecting visual events in the right hemifield is affected by reading skill,

Vision Research 2020

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Recent Publication

Reward-Related Suppression of Neural Activity in Macaque Visual Area V4,

Cereb Cortex 2020.